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"Celebration"  DRV3 Print
"Celebration"  DRV3 Print
"Celebration"  DRV3 Print
"Celebration"  DRV3 Print

"Celebration" DRV3 Print

!Major Spoilers for Danganronpa V3!

Please note that due to supply issues, this print is no longer being printed holo!

A large sized print featuring Tsumugi Shirogane and the rest of the cast from Chapter 6 (Shuichi Saihara, Maki Harukawa, K1-B0, and Himiko Yumeno). This piece was originally featured in "Decade of Despair" a fanzine celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Danganronpa series!

☆~11" x 15.5" (27.94cm x 39.37cm)
☆ Printed on lightweight (100lb) cardstock
☆ Stamped on the back with the artist's custom logo!
☆ Final product will not be watermarked.

Note: Color may vary from product images.

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