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About Us

Ibble's Scribbles is a kimo-kawaii inspired anime art brand run by two artists who also happen to be sisters! With the power of two highly distractible brains we have a lot of interests and we use that to fuel our passion for merch making! We call ourselves a café, mostly because it's cute but also because it ties into our mascot's lore. Read below to learn more about them!

Meet the Mascots
Ibu (She/Her) is @ibblescribbles' mascot! She's a hard worker, a bit of a crybaby, and a wanna-be angel who's actually a devil! She started the café to learn more about the human world through their popular culture but along the way got a little distracted. Her anime obsession has obscured her original goal and now she runs the café full time!?

Xeno (They/She) is @Xenobun's mascot! They were a rabbit once, but now they're not! Don't ask questions. They stumbled into Ibu's café by pure chance and offered to do all the heavy lifting in exchange for carrots. Keychains and clothes aren't very heavy but Xeno ended up taking over the back end of the café. Most of your orders will pass through Xeno's capable paws!